Yard and Haul Out Rates 2022

Vessel Lengths Up to 45 and 30 Metric Tons

Round Trip: $18/ Per Foot (Prices are LOA: Length over All) $200 Minimum)

Lay days/Moorage: $2.00 Per Foot per Day (Including Weekends – 5 Day Minimum)

Environmental Service Fee (NPDES) $125

Tarp Fee $125

Pressure Washing $8 per Foot

Shore Power/Electrical Hook up $8 Per Day

Reposition/Relocation $4 per Foot

Reposition Boat Stands $50

Hang In Slings $185 per Hour + Environmental Fee

Prop Puller RENTAL $60

Fork Lift $165 per Hour (1 Hour Minimum)

Sleeves/Extensions for Forklift $60

Vacuum Sander Rental $100 per Day

Clean up Rate $165 per hour (If we have to clean up after you)

Inside Shelter Fee $125 per day

Bottom Paint $52 per foot (2 coats & prep included). If boat on trailer, bottom paint is $57 per foot – no yard fees.

Detailing $47-$67+/per foot (Labor only & depends on location/size of Vessel)

Fiberglass/Gel Coat & Misc. Coatings/Yard Labor $170 per hour

Mechanical/Electrical $150 per hour, Onsite $165 per hour + Service Fee

Garbage Fee $30, $60, $90 (Management discretion / length of stay & other observations) 

After Hours Charge $185 (1 hour minimum)

Violation of BMP’s $200.00 & 2nd Violation $500.00 Per BMP Agreement


Unlike companies I've used in the past, Seattle Mobile Marine was very responsive and tailored their work to fit my needs. Their work is excellent and I can count on my boat looking great.

- Mike Broman

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